Storm Damage Insurance Claim Restoration Contractors

Immediately increase your storm damage insurance repair job profits and income by 25%, 50%, 75% and more!  Go from P&C insurance "industry standard" low ball pricing to real, true and accurate (RTA) top pro contractor pricing and 100% CUMULATIVE GC O&P and get paid for additional legitimate line items that most contractors never think to ask for with 3RStimax© - "The RTA restoration construction industry standard". 



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On just one job after receiving and using the program - the newly trained 3RSystems, LLC property damage restoration contractor achieved an increase of $12,237 real cash dollars on a light commercial airplane hanger claim using 3RStimax© instead of the so-called "industry standard".  Just one similar job per month x twelve months would result in an additional real cash dollar increase of $146,844 to your company's bottom line.






 The "Wrong Way" Contractor

A contractor once said to me that he used the so-called "industry standard" repair estimating software program because he wanted to be seen as a team player.  In other words, at least to his way of thinking, by using the P&C insurance industry's preferred estimating software which, by the way is, for all intents and purposes, controlled by the P&C insurance industry and has, according to numerous experts and others who have opined on the matter, a reputation for low balling repair claims by many millions of dollars every year, his customers claims would be settled faster and his income would become more steady and predictable.  One thing that is predictable with certainty is that by using that P&C insurance industry preferred estimating program, his income, although steady, would/will remain steadily and substantially below what it should be.                

The so-called "industry standard" estimating program used by most insurance adjusters can be, when totally studied and understood, a great tool for getting your customers insurance claim estimates to top dollar.  The problem is however, that most contractors never take the time to learn how to program really works and therefore, leave far too much claim money on the insurance company tables.  There is no legal or other requirement that you use the P&C insurance industry's preferred "industry standard" estimating program and its below market "survey" pricing nor is there a financial advantage in doing so - except to the P&C insurance companies that mandate its use.  

Much like ex-Minnesota Vikings "Purple People Eater" defenseman Jim "Wrong Way" Marshall who in 1964, as shown in the YouTube video to the right, picked up a 49ers fumble and ran the ball into the 49ers end zone thereby scoring a safety for the 49ers rather than a touchdown for the Vikings, that contractor had it all wrong.  The "industry standard" (and similar P&C insurance favored repair estimating software) is what the opposing team's players (adjusters, in house claims reps, claims supes & managers, et al.) use to keep repair pricing on your customers claims below true RTA pro contractor market pricing - and keep you broke.  Your team, on the other hand, is you, your company and your insured customers.  If you want to win at the game of insurance claim repair processing - for you and your customers, you need a contractor friendly insurance repair estimating platform that is simple to understand and use and that allows you to price your insurance claim repair work as it should be priced at rates relative to the premiums paid by those insured's. 3RStimax© solves that problem for you. 




Stop scoring points for the other team...

and start earning what you're really worth!

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